Welcome to NexGen Management Solutions!

NexGen Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an assets management and business consultancy company promoted by banking, insurance, business and management professionals.

Why Consultancy?

In the current economic environment, it is important that business find ways to stand out by adding value to their service delivery. The day-to-day operations of the business are more than enough to keep management busy. Choosing to use the consultancy may allow business ability to grow.

Benefits of using the consultancy

  • No long term liability on human resources.
  • Contract work is measurable.
  • Independent advices.
  • Diverse ideas from other experiences.
  • Flexible for project specific work.
  • Expert Solutions.

Our Services

Management Services

Management Consultancy Services for BFIs, Insurance Companies, Cooperatives, Acedemic Instuitions, Hospitals, etc.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, COmpany Incorporation, Management and Liquidation.

Loan Processing and Recovery Management


Take-over Management

Take-over and/or Management of Sick Organizations.

Policy Development

Development of Policies and Procedures for Running Organizations.

Consultancy Services for Company Merger, Acquisition and Amalgamation.

Portfolio Advisory Services

Portfolio Advisory Services for the investments in Shares, Bonds, Debentures, Lands, Properties.

Facilitating Insurance Services and Benefits to the Customers through Third Party Services Agreement (TPSA) with Insurance companies.

Financial Intermediary Services


Management Services to the international Organizations/Agencies to comply with local regulatory requirements.

Technical/Management Services in association with International Institutions

Organizing Training & Development Programs, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences.

Dispute Management



Meet our board members!

You are assured that you are in the hands of experts and pioneers.

Mr. Bala Ram Bista

Former Officiating CEO - Sunrise Bank Ltd.
Former Chief Manager - Himalayan Bank Ltd.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Bhattarai

CEO - Mhalaxmi Life Insurance Ltd.
Former CEO - Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd.
Former CEO - Asian Life Insurance Ltd.
Former CEO - Nepal Life Insurance Ltd.

Mr. Shreechandra Bhatta

CEO - Jyoti Bikas Bank Ltd.
Former CEO - IME Life Insurance Ltd.
Former CEO - Remit2Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Former Deputy CEO - Mega Bank Ltd.
Former AGM - Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.

Mr. Binaya Upadhyay

Managing Director - Binisha Interiors.
Managing Director - Kanchanjunga Housing Ltd.

Mr. Suresh Sapkota

Managing Director - Ambition Academy

Mr. B.N. Gharti


Mr. Kamal Panthi

Deputy CEO - Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Ltd.
Former AGM - Nepal Life Insurance Ltd.

Other subject related Experts/Consultants


If you are facing any difficulties in your business, do write to us at [email protected]